Nobel Peace Prize events 2020

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic there will be certain changes in the way this year’s Nobel Peace Prize events will be carried out, reports the Norwegian Nobel Institute’s Director Olav Njølstad.


The announcement of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize will take place at the Nobel Institute on Friday 9 October at 11 am (CEST). In order to comply with the infection control advice given by the Norwegian Public Health Institute, only a small number of journalists and photographers will be invited to attend the press conference. Press that does not get a space at the press conference may, however, apply for an interview after the press conference. More information about this can be found in the press room on our website.

The award ceremony in Oslo City Hall on 10 December at 1 pm has been cancelled. Instead, a scaled-down award ceremony will be held at the same time in the University Aula for a limited number of invited guests and with the laureate(s) physically or digitally present. The Aula was used for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies in the years 1947-1989. The Norwegian Nobel Committee emphasizes that 2020 is an atypical year. Unless something unforeseen happens, next year’s ceremony will again take place in Oslo City Hall.

The traditional Nobel banquet on the evening of 10 December has also been cancelled. The same goes for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, which will be relaunched in a completely new fashion in 2021.

The Nobel Institute is in dialogue with the University of Oslo and the City of Oslo about the Nobel Peace Prize Forum 2020. Whether this event can be carried out as normal in the University Aula on 11 December remains to be seen. In that case, it will be a scaled-down event where some of the participants might not be physically present, but participate digitally from their respective home countries.

Other regular Nobel events in Oslo – such as the international press conference at the Nobel Institute on 9 December, Save the Children’s peace party at the Nobel Peace Center, and the audience at the Royal Palace on 10 December, as well as meetings between the laureate(s) and the President of the Storting, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister together with the Nobel Peace Center’s exhibition opening on 11 December – we must get back to as soon as we know whether this year’s laureate(s) will be coming to Oslo or not, Njølstad concludes.