Place: Oslo
Date: 12-14 June 2022
Read the program here (PDF, 295KB).



The Russian large-scale military attack on Ukraine on 24 February 2022 was a seminal moment that, regardless of how the war ends, will change the course of history. Understanding why and how this war came about, will be of profound importance to political leaders, academic experts, and society at large in the years to come. The aim of this Nobel Symposium is to start analysing the causes and motives, as well as the possible short and long-term implications, of Russia’s war of aggression. To address these and other questions, we will gather a group of academic, political, and military experts who are in the forefront of the international discourse on these topics. The papers presented at the Symposium will be published in an edited volume with a leading academic publishing house.



  •  Vlad Zubok, Russia and Its Neighbours: the Early Roots of a Conflict

  • Sergiy Kudelia, Ukraine and Russia: From Partnership to War in Thirty Years

  • Øyvind Østerud, How the war in Ukraine is most likely to end

  • Owen Matthews, Why Putin Went to War

  • Jade McGlynn, Propaganda and Memory in Russia’s War on Ukraine

  • Mary Sarotte, The United States and NATO’s Eastward Expansion after the Cold War

  • Piers Ludlow, Greater than the sum of its parts: explaining the resilience of EU support for Ukraine

  • Odd Arne Westad, Empires: Russia, China, and the War against Ukraine

  • Andreas Rödder, How much Zeitenwende is in the “Zeitenwende"? German Foreign Politics in the early 21st Century

  • James Ellison, Britain and the War in Ukraine: Russian-UK relations, 1992-2003

  • Slawomir Debski, The Role of Poland and the Baltic States in supporting Ukraine after Russian renewed aggression in February 2022. What impact did have their strategic culture?

  • Markku Kangaspuro, The changed situa.on of the North Europe a6er Finland and Sweden joined NATO

  • Kristin Ven Bruusgaard, The nuclear lessons of Ukraine

  • Huw Dylan, The Ukraine War and Vladimir Putin’s (mis)Management of Russian Intelligence

  • Samuel Ramani, How the War on Ukraine will Affect Russia’s Global Position?

  • Mick Cox, Russia’s War of aggression in Ukraine: causes, motives, implications’ 



  • Olav Njølstad, director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute

  • Kim Angell, Research Program Manager at the Norwegian Nobel Institute