Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony

Oslo City Hall Tuesday 10 December 13:00 

Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony
Tuesday 10 December at 13:00
Location: Oslo City Hall, Fridtjof Nansens plass, Oslo

Press contact: Kristin Wiktorson
Media accreditation is required.
Accreditation deadline was Sunday 24 November

The Ceremony will be held in English
Still photographers and reporters only
- no TV/video allowed inside City Hall
Photo availability from the balustrade only
No availability for individual interviews

Press entrance from the Western Tower of Oslo City Hall
Registration and security check between 11:00 and 12:30
Bring press card and passport / photo ID
Media room is open until 16:00
Live coverage on large screen w/head-sets in English/Norwegian
Coffee/snack bar 

Distribution rights and Technical information
All TV/Video/Radio rights are obtained and coordinated by Nobel Media & NRK/Eurovision

Contact: NRK/Eurovision for all media rights within Norway and all technical requests: Marit Moi

Contact: Nobel Media for all international rights and syndication: Jonna Pettersson

Revised 31.10.2019