Kristian Berg Harpviken will become the new Director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, starting January 1, 2025. "I have worked with peace my entire life, so for me, this is the dream job," says Dr. Harpviken.

Kristian Berg Harpviken will take over the Director position from Professor Olav Njølstad, who will retire by the end of the year. Dr. Njølstad has been the director of the Nobel Institute for ten years, since 2015. Dr. Harpviken has been associated with the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) since 1993. He served as director of PRIO for eight years, from 2009-2017. He currently holds the position of Research Professor.

"We are very pleased that the Nobel Institute will have a new director of such caliber, with broad leadership experience and strong academic competence," says Jørgen Watne Frydnes, chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

"The Nobel Peace Prize is the world's most important prize, and in a world where conflict is increasingly prevalent, the prize is more important than ever," says Kristian Berg Harpviken.

Kristian Berg Harpviken is a sociologist by education. He is also trained as a horticulturist and has worked as a farmer on the family farm for several years. Following that, he has had a long career in peace promotion and research, as well as high-level leadership. Dr. Harpviken is especially known for his expertise on Afghanistan. The 62-year-old has led at the country office of the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee, among other positions.

The Norwegian Nobel Institute serves as the secretariat for the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which has awarded the Nobel Peace Prize since the very beginning in 1901. The institute’s Director is also the secretary of the Nobel Committee and takes part in all committee meetings.

“Every year, the Nobel Committee awards the Peace Prize to the person or persons who have done the most to promote peace. I cannot imagine anything more meaningful than ensuring the best possible knowledge base for that decision,” says Kristian Berg Harpviken.

“As director of the Nobel Institute and secretary to the Nobel Committee, Harpviken will be a very important contributor to carrying forward Alfred Nobel’s legacy and bring the Nobel Peace Prize into a new era," says Jørgen Watne Frydnes, chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.


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