Jen Leung Jen Leung is an advocate for environmental and social justice and believes in the power of media and stories to activate cultural change. Ms. Leung has experience as a climate campaigner using mass media to inspire environmental action, as a legal advocate empowering vulnerable communities to fight injustice, and as a non-profit leader heading strategic growth initiatives around sustainability and climate-friendly consumption. As Deputy Director at The Redford Center, she uses the power of storytelling to inspire societal change for environmental justice and regeneration. Previously, Ms. Leung was Climate Director at WildAid, an international non-profit leveraging high-impact communications strategies for environmental conservation, especially around climate-friendly consumption. Based in Beijing for a decade, she was China Director for the American Bar Association’s Rule of Law Initiative, a human rights and social justice organization. A member of the New York Bar, she holds a J.D. from Berkeley Law School and previously practiced as an attorney in New York and Hong Kong.