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The Norwegian Nobel Committee was established by the Norwegian Storting in 1897, tasked with selecting Nobel Peace Prize laureates. This body, in turn, established the organizational home of the Nobel Peace Prize, the Norwegian Nobel Institute in 1904. This organization has occupied the building in Henrik Ibsens gate 51, owned by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, since May of 1905.

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The establishment of independent Nobel Prize selection committees to fulfill the purpose of Alfred Nobel's will, and a separate foundation tasked with over-seeing Nobel's financial legacy, has produced an intricate organizational model. These initial organizational units have since been supplemented by exhibitions centers, a rights management organization, and an information and media outfit, creating a network of organizations centred around a common core, the Nobel Prize.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee

«The adjudication needed for the award of the Peace Prize shall be carried out by the committee of the Norwegian Storting referred to in the will, known as the Norwegian Nobel Committee». (Statutes of the Nobel Foundation, § 6)

The Norwegian Nobel Committee consists of five members appointed by the Norwegian Storting (parliament). Members are appointed for a six-year period and may be re-elected. The selection of members is designed to reflect, to the greatest degree possible, the relative power of the political parties in parliament. Current members of government and parliament may not be appointed to the Nobel Committee. The Committee members elect the chair and vice chair themselves.  

The Norwegian Nobel Institute

The Norwegian Nobel Institute was established 1 February 1904 to offer administrative, scholarly and investigative support to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in their task of selecting the annual recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. The director of the Nobel Institute serves as the permanent secretary to the Nobel Committee, and the Institute may be considered the Committee’s secretariat. All Committee meetings are held here, and the annual October announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate(s) is made in the Grand Hall of the Institute. At this location you will also find the Nobel Institute's research wing and its impressive library.

Nobel Peace Prize - Research & Information

The NPPRI is the independently organized and funded research wing of the Norwegian Nobel Institute. The non-profit organization invites scholars from all over the world to conduct and share research in Oslo, through seminars, conferences, symposia, and the recent addition Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo. The Nobel Peace Prize Concert and the internationally broadcast laureate interviews also have their home under this umbrella. Read more about the NPPRI here.

The Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center is the museum of the Nobel Peace Prize. The center opened in June 2005 and aims to tell the story of the peace prize winners and their work, Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Peace Prize. The center also serves as an arena for current social debate. Read more on Nobel Peace Center's website.

The Nobel Foundation

The Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden, was established in 1900 in order to manage the financial legacy of Alfred Nobel, soon also the annual Nobel week in December. With time, institutions like Nobel Media and Nobel Group Interests have been added to the organizational infrastructure, tasked with organizing legal affairs, common administrative burdens, information management, branding and intellectual property rights. Read more here.