Here you may download all the Speeches held at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony 2022. 


Presentation speeche of the chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Berit Reiss-Andersen 

Norwegian (PDF, 71KB) | English (PDF, 67KB) | Belarusian (PDF, 110KB) | Russian (PDF, 227KB) | Ukrainian (PDF, 130KB)


Nobel Lecture by Ales Bialiatski, represented by Natallia Pinchuk

Norwegian (PDF, 71KB) | English (PDF, 96KB) | Belarusian (PDF, 249KB) | Russian (PDF, 250KB) | Ukrainian (PDF, 253KB)


Nobel Lecture by Memorial, represented by Jan Rachinsky

Norsk (PDF, 72KB) | English (PDF, 73KB) | Belarusisk (PDF, 208KB) | Russian (PDF, 248KB) | Ukrainian (PDF, 210KB)


Nobel Lecture by Center for Civil Liberties, represented by Oleksandra Matviichuk

Norwegian (PDF, 71KB)| English (PDF, 68KB) | Belarusian (PDF, 185KB) | Russian (PDF, 255KB) | Ukrainian (PDF, 211KB)