In the last decade of the twentieth century the intrinsic links between economics and human rights became more readily acknowledged. It has been proposed that if strategies of economic development and policies to implement human rights are united, they will reinforce one another and improve the human condition. Drawing on papers presented at the Nobel Symposium on The Right to Development and Human Rights in Development, this book opens with an essay by Nobel Laureate in Economic Science Amartya Sen and contains chapters by experts in the fields of philosophy, economics, international law, and international relations on the conceptual underpinnings of development as a human right, the national dimensions of this right, and the role of international institutions. The contributors explore the meaning and practical implications of human rights-based approaches to economic development and ask what this relationship may add to our understanding and thinking about human and global development.



Amartya Sen, Arjun Sengupta, Jakob Kirkemann Hansen, Hans-Otto Sano, Stephen P. Marks, David Beetham, Margot E. Salomon, Bård A. Andreassen, Yash Ghai, Sandra Liebenberg, Rajeev Malhotra, Asbjørn Eide, Siddiq Osmani, Martin Scheinin, Sigrun I. Skogly.

Book title: Development As a Human Right: Legal, Political, and Economic Dimensions
Book published: 2006
Edited by: Bård A. Andreassen and Stephen P. Marks
Publisher: Harvard School of Public Health
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ISBN: 978-0674021211