Place: Kviknes Hotel, Balestrand
Date: 20-23 June 2007



Some of the world's leading academic experts on American-European relations provide the most up-to-date presentations of the topic available today. The Iraq War represented a most serious challenge to American- European relations. Some of the contributors argue that NATO, the key of the Atlantic relationship, has been harmed beyond repair. The Cold War is over; America has become more nationalist than it used to be; Europe has become more independent-minded vis-à-vis the United States. Others argue that the war was just another major crisis, like the many crises that had affected NATO even in its golden years during the Cold War: Recently the relationship has already improved a great deal; it is likely to improve even further.


Frédéric Bozo, Guillaume Parmentier, David P. Calleo, Michael Cox, Helga Haftendorn, G. John Ikenberry, Rob Kroes, Steven Kull, I. M. Destler, Charles Kupchan, Geir Lundestad, Charles S. Maier, Gustav Schmidt, Stanley Sloan, William Wallace, Robin Niblett, Alessandro Brogi, Jolyon Howorth, Leszek Jesien, Christer Jönsson, Leopoldo Nuti, Helge Pharo, Benedikt Schoenborn, Thomas A. Schwartz, Asle Toje, Nils Morten Udgaard, Pascaline Winand, Olav Njølstad.

Book title: Just Another Major Crisis? The United States and Europe Since 2000
Book published: 2008
Edited by: Geir Lundestad
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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ISBN: 978-0199552030