Place: Solstrand Hotell, Os
Date: 15-19 June 2016



The purpose of the proposed Nobel symposium was to bring together some of the world’s leading political scientists, economists, anthropologists and historians, who have worked on causes of peace, for three days of spirited discussion. While the primary focus was on the contemporary causes of peace, an eye was kept on the relevance of Alfred Nobel’s stipulations held up to the insights from contemporary scholarship. An effort was made to present the scholarly consensus, as well as its critics.


Asle Toje, Olav Njølstad, Bård Nikolas Vik Steen, Nassim N. Taleb, Robert Kagan, Ayşe Zarakol, Bruce Russett, Mark Mazower, Paul Collier, Bear F. Braumoeller, Paul F. Diehl, Mai’a K. Davis, and Kristian Skrede Gleditsch.


Book title: The Causes of Peace – What we know now
Book published: 2019
Edited by: Asle Toje and Bård Nikolas Vik Steen
Publisher: Nobel Symposium Proceedings
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ISBN: 978-1-5445-0505-3