Place: Solstrand Hotell, Os
Date: 13-16 June 2018



Over the last 10-15 years we have witnessed an increasing interest in the vision of a nuclear weapon-free world. Numerous alternative paths to nuclear disarmament have been proposed and scrutinized.

However, the main purpose of the proposed conference is not to dwell upon what has caused the renewed call for nuclear disarmament; rather, the conference will focus on the merit of the Global Zero vision itself and make critical assessments of the alternative roadmaps that have been proposed in order to reach that goal. The idea is to organize a structured and analytical discussion between advocates and critics of the various ideas and proposals at the centre of the contemporary academic and political discourse on nuclear disarmament. The conference will contribute to an intellectual exchange between scholars of international politics and a policy receptive audience with professional experience from the field of disarmament and arms control.



William J. Perry, Josef Joffe, Olav Njølstad, Robert Jervis, Charles L. Glaser, Michael E. O’Hanlon, Gro Nystuen, Richard Burt, Ward Wilson, Philip Coyle, William Walker, Halit Mustafa Emin Tagma, Nina Tannenwald, Han Ruzicka, Campbell Craig, Bruno Tertrais, Keir Lieber, Tom Sauer, Denise Garcia.

Book title: Nuclear Disarmament – A Critical Assessment
Book published: 2019
Edited by: Bård Nikolas Vik Steen and Olav Njølstad
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Order book here: LINK
ISBN: 978-0367133665