Nobel Peace Prize Banquet
© Nobel Prize Outreach. Photo: Jo Straube

The solemnities of the Peace Prize award ceremony in Oslo City Hall are followed by festivities. At the Nobel Banquet, some 250 guests are welcomed by the Nobel Committee before in due course finding their places at the round tables in the banqueting hall - laid for the occasion with the special Nobel dinner service - to enjoy a five-course gourmet meal.

The Laureate's table is right in the middle of the hall. Seated with the Laureate are the members of the Nobel Committee, the President of the Storting, the Prime Minister, and - since 2006 - the King and Queen. Other guests include Ministers, members of the Storting, and representatives of public institutions, idealistic organizations, and cultural and commercial life. As well as a number of the Laureate's personal guests.

Traditionally, three speeches are given at the Nobel Banquet. After the chair of the Nobel Committee's words of welcome, the deputy chairman speaks in honour of the Laureate, often giving the address a humorous slant. The Laureate speaks second. Finally the President of the Storting delivers an after-dinner speech.

The Nobel Banquet was formerly held in alternate years at the Grand Hotel and Hotel Bristol, but is now always held at the Grand Hotel, which also has a special Nobel suite.