On the 28th of May 2019, a high-level Nobel Institute seminar considered the 40th anniversary of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, commonly referred to as the 'Camp David Accords'.

The accords were the first major diplomatic breakthrough of the Arab-Israeli conflict, but has a mixed legacy.

The event ensured a lasting peace between Egypt and Israel, effectively blocking the possibility of another inter-state war between Israel and its Arab neighbors. However, it also indefinitely postponed a solution to the Palestinian question by enhancing Israel's control over the occupied territories.

Marking the 40 year anniversary of the accords, some of the world's leading experts were been invited to speak. William Quandt, Seth Anziska, Jeremy Pressman, Jørgen Jensehaugen, Louise Fischer, Craig Daigle and others contributed to the programme.

A high-level panel including Jan Egeland and Jan Petersen begun the session, discussing the prospects for a peaceful solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.