Det Norske Nobelinstitutt arrangerte konferanse om atomsikkerhet i Oslo 8.-9. juni 2017. 

Høydepunkt fra seminaret "International Efforts Towards Nuclear Security” filmet ved Nobels fredssenter 8. juni 2017. Deltakere er Yukija Amano, Director General IAEA, Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the CTBTO and Erlan Idrissov, ambassador of Kazakhstan to UK and Northern Ireland


Høydepunkter fra "High-Level Panel on Nuclear Security” som ble holdt ved det Norske nobelinstitutt 9. juni 2017.


The Dangers of Nuclear Weapons - av Neil Halloran
Nuclear weapons remain the only military threat with the capacity to end human civilization. Unlike during the Cold War, nuclear weapons are no longer the central topic of political discussions, leading new generations to be less aware of the threat they carry. 


In collaboration with documentary filmmaker Neil Halloran, Nobel Peace Prize - Research and Information has produced a short film based on data from leading researchers that illustrates the very real danger nuclear weapons still pose to humanity and life on Earth.