On February 13th 2019, as part of the Oslo Energy Forum, four of the world's most innovative thinkers gathered at The Norwegian Nobel Institute to discuss the technical and political solutions necessary for a successful energy transition.

While acceptance of climate change is growing, uncertainty about the feasibility of successful energy transition persists. As if the technical and economic challenges were not great enough, recent resistance against even minor attempts to limit emissions illustrates the enormity of the task. As a result, disbelief is being replaced by apathy, and the world is in urgent need of radical new ideas.



"Why we Need a Green New Deal" - Rutger Bregman


"Why Quantum Computing will Revolutionize Energy Production (and everything else)" - Ilyas Khan


"How to Realize Solar Energy's Vast Potential – Before It Is Too Late" - Varun Sivaram


"U.S. Climate and Energy Policy in the Trump Administration" - Jody Freeman