Place: Oslo
Date: 22-25 June 2022



Much of the Nobel Peace Prize’s history has occurred under the shadow of a cold war. The sombre consequences of thermonuclear warfare made the superpower conflict a natural focus of many Nobel Symposia. While the ‘unipolar moment’ of the early 1990s provided some respite, history now appears to have returned with a vengeance. The COVID-19 pandemic and the diminished room for economic and political manoeuvre has brushed aside remaining doubts that China and the United States are locked in conflict. In an age of destabilising hypersonic, cyber and space technologies, no issue could be more consequential than a standoff between the two wealthiest, nuclear-armed, countries the world has ever seen.



Olav Njølstad, Odd Arne Westad, Øystein Tunsjø, Arthur R. Kroeber, David Dollar, Robert S. Ross, Tom J. Christensen, Taylor Fravel, Henrik Hiim, Elisabeth Wishnick, Alice Ekman, Bård Nikolas Vik Steen, Jo Inge Bekkevold, Stephen Walt, François Heisbourg, Scott Kastner, Bruno Tertrais.